Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day 138: values

Interesting time at church this morning has challenged me to think on my values and check they are right. It was quite a massive tough message... but about some specific and quite scary prophecies... and without going into that really the outcome of my tangent of thought was that its made me think even more so that the financial climate we have and the control Britain 'thinks' its getting over itself is all a bit false and that really things are going to get worse. Its quite a reality check what has happened in Haiti... actually... we have all these intelligent men fighting to gain control over this country and trying to maintain the standard Britain is used to without anyone feeling wobbly if at all possible... then an earthquake just wipes out a huge part of a country... makes you realise just how weak and helpless these 'powerful' people really are and how little control they'll ever get.
So what would it be like if we paid our debts, if I got paid or we came into a massive fortune?... actually that thought scares me even more than struggling on as I am doing. I'm scared of what I might be like if money came easily and I allowed myself to sit back and enjoy it. I hope I remember that. I would like to be out of debt... not because I have to pay it back... but because it has control and hold over me. I would like to not get bank charges... because they really irritate me and I hate that they just arrive and I have to pay them. But I can honestly say I'd rather not pay it all off if it means I get greedy or lazy. I already know I must hate my own attitude- I hate the attitude of some people around me when they're so complacent or moan about their finances when they have so much more than we do... and fail to see how rich they really are and I know that we have so much more than other people so I know I should hate my own attitude! Its so hard to get hold of that... Holly is trying to understand how she is the only one of her class to have packed lunches because we can't afford dinners ... but I won't let her say that we are poor. we are some of the richest people in the whole world.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day 137: On to the next one

Ok we're on to Mr Tesco CC... He's 1955.86... about to pay.........£11.46 taking me down the the stunningly SLIGHTLY lower amount of £1944.40 D So it may not be a dramatic difference but I've accidentally made the number a bit neater by doing that which can count as 1 plus point :) and more importantly - most importantly actually head is well and truly back in the game.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day 136: 1 down...

Good... we're back on track. 1 card done... yes i've been here before... but better that than not getting back to this place... so goodbye to the remaining £99 on our smallest card and now onto the next one... I'm tired and can't find all the login details but will get started on paying that off tomorrow... excited again!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day 135: Found a good freebie!!

Hehe... this is a nice post to do...
Found a really good free download... Its that simple. You just download Golddigger's new song... just cos we like it and hope everyone else will to.
If you like I can make it even better we decide how much to charge I could say how exclusive and designer it is and that RRP is £1999 and then you can download it thinking that you've also made a saving of £1999... but you can't then do what I would than do and go out and spend that on something else :S

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day 134: Turning a corner

Well I was starting to feel a bit down about the debt issue... Over the last few months, sure, we've had Christmas and a few appliance disasters but with all my good intentions to get rid of all debt in 100 days we've ended up in deeper debt than we were before. I'm not so surprised at that as just a bit sad that that is just how things stand when we actually have spent as little as possible on Christmas, food and not only am I not buying clothes but I'm also making an effort not to buy anything the children don't need - and enjoying a lot of cast offs (Elijah's managed to get himself a pair of nike trainers and hunter wellies off a very kind friend with a little boy with a shoe size up from him!) and Joel practically never buys anything. Its depressing to not be able to manage without going into debt with out all of that as well as not being able to pay anything off... and considering things didn't seem like that a few months ago I don't really even get it.
However... today an expenses cheque cleared and I've managed to pay £200 into the smallest credit card... and £200 over to see us through to the end of the month - which I can hopefully pay most of onto pay that card off and start on a new one! That will be good... so thats good even on a month where my pay cheque has actually been £10. Yes £10!
So back to it... balance on the big cards ... still big. Balance on small card £99... end of the week lets have that!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Day 133: the ethics of child sponsorship

So despite not being quite financially clear we have been decided that we'd like to sponsor a child anyway... not only because it is a good thing but also to raise awareness in our own children. Trouble is we've ended up in a weird ethical debate about the whole process and now I feel I've sold out and compromised a bit. This is the issue... Grassroots - child sponsorship for a primary school child is £3.50 a month, Compassion £23 a month... roughly the same stuff but all of the grassroots money goes to the childs needs, not into admin - not sure about Compassion. The big drawback...we don't get a nice glossy photo pack from grassroots - well no, your money doesn't come back to you - it goes to the child. That feels like the right one. We've just gone for Compassion though because I wanted the children to have the glossy photo and to be able to write to them and learn more about that little life all the way in Tanzania... and now that feels really selfish. So now I'm going to have to find even more money every month and sponsor another 5 through grassroots as well.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day 132: Back home

Camberly was a long way... it was on the way there... it was grey, foggy and rainy... making the worst view to stare at for the whole of the M1 - the first date of the tour was fun... and the drive back much better than the way there... though the money saving tip of the day would be to avoid Shell petrol stations where at all possible... can you believe you can be charged 97p for a chocolate bar!? (I didn't buy one - I just saw it and nearly fainted) but probably did spend double on petrol... which is a shame as it forces me to join in helping tesco to take over the world.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day 131: Starting to earn a bit...

Well at least being busy stops me spending... tomorrow we drive to Camberly, starting the day at 10 am and coming home hopefully by Saturday mid afternoon... for which I'll earn £40. Plus points...1. at least I earn £40 2. i love my job 3. I get to share some good stuff with some young people 4. I get to perform songs I've written 5. I've never been to Camberly 6. We have a new projector screen and I'm well excited about that and ooooh 7. We have some well cool little single cards to sell... they're cards with a unique code to download our media rules single... and for a design loving person like me they are REALLY REALLY good!
So I don't know where I'll be staying tomorrow night but that's normally either nice or random - one of those is fine and the other one is normally funny!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 130: Bank charges

Over the last few weeks...trying to get stuff to pay off, having loads of bits an pieces to pay for... dishwasher, car tyres etc... we've incurred some of those nasty horrid bank charges again :( ... no more days off the money watch!
Still... I am managing a blog today... tonights things to do list is done all apart from 'dye my hair' so for half ten thats not to bad... just been ripping up material for the backdrop and video editing... hopefully we now have everything we need ready for the tour and tomorrow night wont be a manic one. Even despite the stress of the week I managed to have a coffee with Rachel today and have a successful baking session with both of the children... Elijah made some little snowballs... I was very proud of him and Holly some pretty pink cupcakes... I love my kids.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day 129: Not forgotton

I haven't forgotton to blog... I do keep remembering and just not getting time... and I've been busy spending work money on work stuff so as long as I remember to claim it all I've not been spending. GoldDigger start the Media Rules tour this week and so the last few weeks we've been busy trying to get it all ready as well as keep on top of the other things that are coming up like scary schools presentations, booking contracts, merchandise orders and the rest of the year. It seems people wait until January and then sort everything out... so our office has been a hive of all phonecalls and emails of people getting back to work to sort things out. Good though... bookings mean we're doing what we set out to do as well as getting paid a little something to help things along the way. I'm really excited actually. We've made this tour really cheap just so that its easy for poeple to afford to book us... and are saying we're cutting it back to the very basics just so its affordable... however we've actually put far more into planning this than ever before and actually we'll be delivering our best yet... we've just worked on loads of media stuff to make our set all run together better and look more impressive... it doesn't matter how good your performance is when you're stood in front of some messy notice board and stuffed in the corner of a room... so our 4m big projector screen backdrop will be amazing!!! We're pulling together loads of songs with teaching points all based around what we call the 'media rules' (which is the name of one of our songs) and taking one rule at a time the media try to make us live our lives by that we might not have realised isnt really true... so I'm excited about teaching some young people some really cool stuff... In fact here's one of the things we're getting ready... we don;t even know where the bulk of this text came from but we've always loved it ... somehow came through YFC with Rach... (someone out there needs finding and asking permission really!) and I've added a bit in... and made it into a very simple video... with a big gap at the end and terrible recording quality - the BBC don't tend to record their voiceovers in garageband in their lounge... but i have secured myself a voice-over related favour from our producer... so this can all be tidied up at some stage when life has a bit more space in it!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 128: Failing miserably...

... I'm not doing well at writing... or saving sadly. After a few expensive weeks including now having replaced a few appliances for Christmas (I don't think I said... my main present this year was my old GHD's wrapped up in an envelope box from my old work... which Joel had wonderfully mended for me and now I am happy and have shiny hair when I want it!) but paying for new tyres for the car and all this snow and a pay cheque of £10 this month :( ... I'm not feeling the MOST motivated you can get!!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Day 127: not so fond of chick flicks...

Last night got all cosy for a night in and took advantage of the fact Joel was at work and I could watch a chick flick without him complaining... it was 27 dresses... and I've discovered that really I can't even watch that many chick flicks without complaining - even on my own. Predictable, same story line thats been done TOO many times, totally totally cheesy- and only mildly heartwarming... the last 5 mins were ok I suppose. BUT here's the good bit... I had it because... I signed into, they said £18 if you sign up for a 2 week free trial with Lovefilm. You have to put 10 films on your list and be sent one to qualify. If you cancel after 2 weeks or after your second film (which I'm hoping will be Coco Chanel) then its completely free - but I get £18 paid strait into my bank in a month or so. Good one!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Day 126: Less in the pot...

I had to eat into the credit card fund pot today. The tyres on our car are worn away... in fact writing this makes me think I've written this before and that it REALLY wasn't long ago that we changed them... and I know that's not right! Regardless... they are illegal to drive on, therefore TOTALLY dangerous in this snow and even Dave next door has informed us they are illegal. So I had to eat in to the credit card fun today for my bus fare and trek off down the road in my wellies... £4.30 I paid... to get to work. This MONTH I'll earn £10 - yep. thats all.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Day 125: Missing it...

... today is the first day I feel like I'm actually now missing buying clothes... I lasted the Christmas season... fairly hard, Christmas sales... fairly difficult and I just had to tell myself I can get some bargains next year... but yesterday I fell into the trap of looking for some good offers for presents and things online...I must have been bored as somehow I have managed to end up on websites such as boden of all places and now am actually upset over a pair of pjyamas. Not that I've seen a particluar pair or anything... but I'm notoriously bad at buying pjyamas and mine are all tatty. I can't justify them for stage wear so there's just no chance...I'll have to do without and add it to the very long list... but I mainly can't believe of all things my lowpoint of this clothing fast so far has been over some middle class pjyamas :(

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day 124: The grand total

Its all a bit depressing when you look at the figures... We've since Christmas got more debt to plough through as when waiting for payments and cheques to finally clear we had to put some stuff onto credit cards... boo :(
But this old pickle jar is coming in handy as a little extra... Any money we find lying around goes in here and - well - look after the pennies and all.
Some of this was found down the back of the sofa... couple of quid that find!
So lets have the grand count up...
oooh £11.33 and 2 cents... better than a jab in the eye... do you think I can persuade them at the bank to increase the value as it smells nicely of pickle?

Day 123: Writers block...

... I feel like I'm back at school - I have an article to write - relatively easy and strait forward - its a great opportunity - it's all stuff I know how to write -I just feel a bit stuck... maybe- a bit- its challenging my motivation...
For the past few months I've been trying to make the money thing work... I'm not greedy about it but I'm trying to make things balance, get out of debt, get to a place where the money in this house works and we are not always in financial trouble. This has meant I've been obviously happy when we've had work in that pays something and we've needed to work hard to bring in bookings and projects which are payers rather than ones that are not - Both Beth and I have bills and rent/mortgage that needs to be paid - fact. It also has meant that now having been asked an article about the nature of our work and the reasons for what we do I've had to jolt my head out of making ends meets and right back into the reason I do what I do... its not too hard - I'm totally committed to the reason I do my job. I have a degree, I'm intelligent, I'd be able to earn a good salary in a proper job... I chose to do a job that didn't exist and build something new -because I saw value in it - so actually the very fact that I struggle with money is a constant reminder of how much I believe in what I do... so that can't be it...I think I'm just having creative block.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day 122: Yeahhhhher...

Just got in before the snow day... drive down, pick it up, plug it in, kids decorate it, GO. Life it all better again :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Day 121: Tomorrow...

... so the new year has started... we've just got back from a round trip to Manchester and Ipswich... seeing 4 old friends, 1 new baby, 2 new baby bumps, 2 new grown up editions to our family and the same old ones we knew already, 3 cousins and a new darts board which we played on for far too long last night with a never ending game of killer with 3 competitive brothers involved! Also 5 rounds of the blockbusters board game complete with very 80's questions that we knew very little about... all fun.
So back to routine in the morning... and eager as ever to crack on with debt attack...perhaps with a little planned out detour to currys to check out some dishwashers... we may well just buy ourselves a new one... a nice one, shiny, from a real shop, with warranty and one that will work... It will totally set us back a bit but may also be a better and wiser choice than half the price on an ebay one where half the cost goes on petrol anyway... eeeeek is that wrong??!!